Fdc educators association of SA Inc "Q&A" 


Objectives of The Family Day Care Educators Association of SA are to support and promote the interests of FDC Educators.Field all care wanted from the community to available Educators. To facilitate all legal requirements for the business of Family Day Care.


1. In what way do you support educators?

  •  FDC State Association can support Educators on a personal level with assistance in understanding policies, National Quality Standards and the National Quality Agenda.
  • Assistance with administration problems by the confidential process we have with the Manager of the Business Centre. Educators can contact the Association for copies of documents, advice, support and information in regards to all areas associated with your Family Day Care Business, including taxation, business management, incorporating best practices into FDC.
  • Assistance with meeting the National Quality Framework in regards to evidence gathering, documenting and general quality service and Educator wellbeing.
  • The FDC  State Association are also able to offer support should you find yourself under investigation. They can explain the process, be with you during that interview process and they have two trained union members who can advocate on your behalf.
  • FDC State Association offer support for Educators in general by representing them and being recognised at both State and National levels. FDC State Association has two major seats on the FDCA board who meet interstate and work on National consistencies, policies and Child Care issues. They also work on documents and submissions to State bodies, such as the Legislative Review for SA.


2. The interests of FDC mean what exactly? What does this relate to specifically?

The interests of Family Day Care means:-

  • Any interests or day to day issues that Educators may have are handled by Elected Association Educators.

Elected Educators meet with Management, review policies, contact the Commonwealth with any issues; they are on working groups for FDC in South Australia and also FDC Australia. Interest of FDC Educators relates to anything and everything associated with being an Educator in South Australia.


3. In the area of NQS how do you support Educators to help maintain quality childcare.

The Association has had an input on the quality care issues in relation to National Standards and the National Quality Framework that was established at a National level. The Association was involved with the FDC Australia team in submitting a framework which was submitted to the Prime Minister in relation to The Early Learning Framework 0-5 years required in all childcare settings including FDC. You can log onto the FDC website for more information and the public forum in relation to this. The Association has also lobbied for low cost training.


Members are able to come to FDC State Association for resources in relation to their day to day business as stated in Question 1. Also we can assist educators in setting up their home, complying with standards and promoting their business, for example T-shirts and Jackets that are available for purchase through us enable educators to promote themselves and their business.

This differs from the support Coordinators provide. We are Educators and understand things from an Educators’ prospective, and that is why we produced the FDC Business Planner.


4. You represent Educators at National Members Forum Meetings. In what way were you a representative? Were you purely as a representative for Educators or were you able to speak and voice concerns for all stakeholders etc?

Our State has an elected representative for Educators in SA along with an Elected Representative for our Sponsor. The main purpose of the National Members Forum meetings is to consider the current state of the Family Day Care Industry, its long term future and to discuss ways in which the various Associations, state and national, can work better together to facilitate change to ensure FDC remains Viable. Both representatives work in collaboration for the best outcomes for all stakeholders.


Together we can voice concerns, discuss issues and identify common goals of FDCA and the State Associations, including our own Educators Association of SA. We acknowledged the competitive environment we now operate in and understand that we must have effective strategic changes to our operations if we are to have a strong future. We agreed that we need to work more collaboratively at all levels in order to keep FDCA and FDC SA visible, viable and valued. These meetings are ongoing and further information can be obtained from FDCA.


5. Are all members of the State Association able to attend various forums and meetings interstate and what are the benefits of attending these meetings?

No, State Association Members do not normally attend these interstate meetings but elect a representative. People who attend these meetings interstate are nominated by their peers now bi-annually. An active Educator can nominate for selection and votes decided upon by FDCA delegate/s are chosen to represent the State. The benefits of having a representative attend these meetings are so the Educators in South Australia can be recognised and heard.


6. Does the Association have an impact on these meetings etc?

ABSOLUTELY! Our Association Representative is the voice of South Australian Educators and the work that is undertaken is valuable. The Educator Representative (NMF Rep) has an obligation to ensure that they represent the Educator in partnership with the other Sponsor Rep.


7. Are members given a copy of financials of the State Association to see exactly where the membership money has been spent?

Yes. Our treasurer identifies every cent that we spend and this information is available to every Association Member. A copy of the financial statement is audited by an independent auditor and a copy is given to members at our AGM.


8. As a member am I required to do anything?

Renew and pay your membership on a yearly basis, other than that, No you are not required to do anything. You are most welcome to attend monthly meetings or the AGM as an observer and are more than welcome to help out wherever you can, but it is all voluntary. Please contact an Association Representative if you would like more information.


9. How does being a member of the Family Day Care Educators Association of South Aust. differ from being a member of FDCA?

Quite simply, we represent the Educators of South Australia. Although we work closely and have formed a partnership with FDCA with our future planning, FDCA has a strong focus on what they can do for all State Associations, Educators and Sponsors and Families at a National Level.


10. What can the State Association do for me that I cannot do for myself?

We can attend meetings with Managers, Policy Officers the Regulatory Authority, meet with Commonwealth Delegates from the Federal government.


Represent Educators at the National Members’ Forums and keep in touch with FDCA via our very pro-active members on their committee. We can be there when you cannot.


We submit written proposals on forums; are involved in the Leaders Forum, in State issues, and have discussions in regard to administration issues and guidelines to assist Educators.

There is no doubt that the State Association is

very important to us all as Educators.

The time, dedication, and hard work (all unpaid) that the Elected State Association Committee contribute for the interest of all FDC Educators in South Australia is never undervalued.


The question we should all be asking ourselves is

“What can WE do for our State Association”?

Educators can help by paying their membership,

Encouraging others to join, and

Recognize the dedication and work done for our future in FDC.


Supporting the FDC Educators Association of South Australia Inc.

Is supporting OUR voice as Educators.


The Association is a group of 15 Elected Committee (all Educators) that work in a volunteer capacity

who are solely funded through memberships.

Business and Customer Support Centre (BCSC) Q & A

Objectives of the Business and Customer Support Centre are to facilitate all time sheets and paperwork to DEEWR. First point of call for the community wanting care, the centre will distribute the care to the appropriate Educators. This is why it is very important to regularly update your availability with the Business and Customer Support Centre. This could be done every fortnight with your time sheets.


 For clarification please contact the Centre decdfdcbusiness@sa.gov.au  8343 6533


As an Association we collaborate with the BCSC and engage with Educators regarding pay issues. The Association has a delegate on the BCSC Consultation Group, which meet periodically.