Australian Business Planner

Our Association support Quality Practices and is providing a business tool that will support the recording, programming and

planning we do.

With this Planner you can decide what, when and how you record information relevant to your service. 

Individual diversity on how you use it , to make it your own with a week to every page and a page for every week of the year.


Join the many Educators who are using the Planner and have found it a great asset at Assessment time!

Some ideas for inclusion...

  • Cross reference your extended activities (scaffolding)
  • Record spontaneous moments
  • Record events and things children say
  • Visitor record
  • Record Educator and Staff networking                                              
  • Record pick ups and drop offs
  • parents comments
  • Record Emergency drills
  • Record what you do each day, week, year
  • Everything you need to remember recorded
  • All important phone numbers
  • Paste ideas
  • Make notes
  • Add personal drawings,cards children have gifted you
  • Paste newsletters
  • Photos of your set up as you change it from day to day/week to week
  • Excursions
  • Group observations
  • Resources purchased
  • NQS notes
  • EYLF and MYTOP Outcomes


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How to record your 'Programming & Planning 

using the Business planner

There is no one way to use the Business Planner, but a variety of options and this is the flexibility of the tool. You decide how to display how you are doing and what you are doing within your service.You can rename parts that are not relevant and make that section more usable for you.

We have provided you with some options that you may like to consider.

For some Educators they record a great deal, others have a minimalist approach and that is the diversity of the way we record our day, week or month. it may depend on how many children you have in care, time management where you balance all you need to do during the day or if your service includes babies and additional needs children.


We are required by law under NQS 1 to record our Program & Planning